Candidates can use QUALIFYDE platform to assess their current skill level and identify their weaknesses. In addition, by simulating an interview situation, they can test their conversational skills and determine how well they perform under pressure.

QUALIFYDE’s goal is to give aspiring candidates a way to assess their skills, which will determine how well they perform in interviews. Knowing where you stand can also save you a lot of time and effort by allowing you to better prepare yourself and acquire what you lack.

Build the interview muscle

  • Reduces interview anxiety and stress
  • Help you boost your confidence
  • Acquire constructive feedback in a low-stress environment
  • Help you prepare for behavioural-based interview questions
  • Gives the opportunity for mentoring by experts

How QUALIFYDE works for you


Select your favourite technologies, get assessed and Interview coaching by our Tech Gurus,
get an Interview feedback and a Qualifyde endorsement on your resume to begin your
Tech journey seamlessly.

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